What is an Instructographic?

Definition of an Instructographic

If you are visiting this site you probably already have an idea of what an instructographic is or at least an inkling about what they are used for – providing a visual set of instructions. Instructographics are very similar to the infographic, so much so you can probably say the infographic gave birth to the instructographic. But rather than communicate statistics, facts and information in the form of graphs and shiny icons, instructographics provide information to complete a task, usually a DIY project or something related to arts and crafts.

How are they different from Infographics? Infographics vs Instructographics

The differences between infographics and instructographics are minor, but the devil is in the details. Rather than showcase data and statistics as an infographic does, albeit within a pretty wrapper of  icons and imagery, the instructographic provides steps and instructions on how to create, build, cook, or how to do anything that involves a process, complicated or simple.

Infographic: Why fresh, organic herbs are better for cooking.

Instructographic: How to Build a Personal Herb Box Garden

While the infographic serves to inform, the instructographic aims to process information into a series of takeaway steps that its readers can easily understand and follow.

The infographic is giving information to inform or entertain the user, while the instructographic gives the user information to assist the user in performing a task or following a set of instructions. I think we have sufficiently beat this horse, moving on…

Why Create Instructographics?

They are excellent tools for marketing. Plain and simple, instructographics, like infographics are useful for promoting a brand as well as acting as link bait for building links and driving traffic to a website. This traffic will usually be social traffic (Hello, Pinterest) and will therefore provide the very real possibility of “going viral” on the Internet, driving large amounts of traffic while giving your brand more exposure.

And this can be done relatively cheaply for the cost of putting a set of instructions together and designing or illustrating helpful images around those steps. Link building in particular can a helpful reward from the humble instructographic, which can increase search engine rankings which, in turn, can create more traffic and more sales or leads for you business through your website.

The Future of Instructographics

Of course, nothing is a guarantee and just because you build it, doesn’t mean anyone will come. No one knows what the success rate will be for the instructographic and since they are a relatively new method of marketing, no one knows how powerful this tool will ultimately be. But considering the success of the infographic, it is a good bet that those taking the lead in creating instructographics will have a leg up on the competition and may one day be creating a instructographic on how to dominate the social landscape through some simple instructions and helpful illustrations.

Long live the instructographic!